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Re: need some helpful person out there :)
From Dale on 20 Sept '01
replying to Re: need some helpful person out there :) posted by tabatha

>>You may also want to do this, 'copy' your source and 'paste' it
>>in this validator and it will show the errors in your
>>coding.Select - "enter your HTML directly", just erase whats in
>>the box and paste yours in,
> i went and put in my came up with a whole bunch
>of errors...then it said input which means...that i should erase
>the coding on my website and paste what they are saying the
>errors are? Please bear with sure these questions are
>silly to most of you guys..

Nope, that bottom part just shows the input'or your coding' you
can verify without showing the input, it just points out the
errors and clicking on the highlighted error will tell you the
fix for it.

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