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Re: Your Site
From Peter Rotgers at Dating World on 5 April '99
replying to Re: Your Site posted by Marilou

Hi Marilou,

>What a nice site..clean, fast loading and very informative.
>Your letter writing page was excellent... Perhaps a little too wordy as many of us are too lazy to read so much. But all the info is there for those who are serious.
Thanks for your kind words.

>I couldn't fault your site but I do feel uncomfotable with your concept of selling all addresses and just showing thumbnail photos on your site.
>1. It smacks of a meat market.....
>2. It is very reminiscent of the old magazines that one could buy. Great idea except 90% of the girls were no longer looking for a mate.
>4. It encourages a guy to just send out multiple letters without so much thought going into his choice. ie: If one can read the profile right away and then has to send off for membership to receive each address he is likely to be much more choosy. I know you need to write a lt of letters. My husband wrote 70 to find me, but quality of choice would also save disappointment for a lot of ladies who might have been written to on a whim..
>5. Men want it now! I think the guys will find just a photo very frustrating, I know I did. (I thought I saw a friend of mine but couldn't confirm...) I guess it's a legitimate sales gimmick but I don't like it..sorry just an opinion.
Perhaps you misunderstood: I asked for a site review, not for a 'marketing review'. We have been in business for over 25 years and we know what we do and what we want to do. Sorry, I'm not going to discuss our business here.

>Anyway, congrats on a very clean site.

>Do you have anaffiliate program.

>I review those with whom I am an affiliate on my site.
>Will be interested to hear your comments on my place.
>regards, Marilou

You have a nice site with a lot of information, but it's a bit disprderly. Perhaps you should have different domain names for different activities of yours?


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