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Re: browsers
From Hope on 20 Oct '01
replying to browsers posted by uk fire-fighters

There are several coding errors in this page. I would suggest
you use a code validator on this page. It will show you all the
coding problems. Once you have corrected the coding problems,
then it should be a lot better.

>Hi again,
>We are back (uk fire-fighters with the kids web site)
>We seem to of run in to another one of these problems where we
>can't seem to work it out. Our site that has taken months to do
>and we have just put to searchengines looks ok on our browser
>when checking it but when we have given the site name to friends
>there reply is the site is all over the place how can this be?
>what are we doing wrong and we did take a peep on netscape
>browser and bloody hell thats not worth going in to.
>Cheers Craig and the crew. uttp://

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