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From Andrew on 27 Oct '01
replying to Seeking your opinion re: web site ready for submission ? posted by Kathleen

your links are the same color as other text. 23 million AOL users
wont be able to find the links and will be confused.

index page looks kind of wierd without all the buttons being
aligned straight up and down.

The first link i clicked took me to a page that apeared like it
should have had many links, but most weren't. Yahoo would NOT
accept the site due to this.

>I may have posted this previously, but since then I have made
>some fairly drastic changes (improvemnets ???) to my web site.
>Would you mind taking a look at and
>let me know your opinion - good or bad? I am nearing the
>s.e.submission stage and I am mostly interested in how the site
>looks on your resolution, as I have been playing around with the
>table sizing. Thank you for your assistance.

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