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Re: Please review
From Dale on 2 Nov '01
replying to Please review posted by Prasanth M J

>Could you please review this new site
>The site has a new concept.
>I will greatly appreciate your comments on
>the following:
>* Your opinion on the site concept
>* Success factors
>* possible income streams
>* Errors/bugs
>* any other Suggestions for improvement
>Thanks for your time!
>Warm Regards,

Good Concept and a good looking layout, I don't see any income
streams myself as there are many free resources out thier.

Errors/Bugs - You have very many errors in your scripting, you
might want to run it though a validator.

This is one where you used a %
Error: an attribute value must be quoted if it contains any
character other than letters (A-Za-z), digits, hyphens, and
periods; use quotes if in doubt

But Good luck with your site!

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