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Re: Please visit the site and post your comments
From Dale on 8 Nov '01
replying to Re: Please visit the site and post your comments posted by Dale

>> Recently I have opened a new e-commerce website. Did all
>>according with those free reports the net is packed with. Now I
>>ask to test my site. Please visit it and post your comments. The
>>site is listed in Yahoo!.
>> Thank you very much.
>> Webmaster
>Well I to are not real sure on your offerings, the page itself is
>nicely done and as suggested get a good Logo or something for the
>top empty space.
>I clicked on 'Free Software', scrolled down until I hit the
>600.00 price tag and left...might want to label that 'Software'
>You have a fair amount of coding errors and should run your
>script though a Validator, there is one here, copy your
>scripting...erase whats in the Box, Paste in yours and select
>Validate, then you will have some work ahead of you(the first
>error was the top line of your scripting...need the HTML
>version)...good luck
Sorry Bad Link...

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