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Re: Please visit the site and post your comments
From Dale on 10 Nov '01
replying to Re: Please visit the site and post your comments posted by Webmaster

>I will not do it. I need targeted visitors, not just surfers like

This is silly...even something like what shows up in the Business
listings on yahoo...We offer reports, forums, software, and more
on starting an online business.

This will catch the eye and if that what a person is looking for
they can also check out the other services you offer. That is how
you get Targeted Visitors, without searching the keywords and
getting to your site, thier won't be many 'Surfers', on most
engines your keywords wouldn't find your site, unless the actual
name was used, the way to go is to have keywords that appear on
your main page, you are close to spamming SEngines, use keywords
only twice...more then that the spiders look at it as Spam..ex.
Free Free. Good luck once again.

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