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Re: Please visit the site and post your comments
From Leigh at Empowerism, International Success Mentoring on 11 Nov '01
replying to Re: Please visit the site and post your comments posted by Webmaster

>Thank you. This is very useful comment. Short and clear.
> I will make some changes to my site in order to improve it.
> Webmaster

Well, I'm sorry I forgot your anme, so I'll have to call you wb,
but I think Liliane Did make some very important points. It's
This kind of stuff we are ALL really looking I thought
I'd offer you a new site I recently came across, joined as a free
associate, and learned more from that thsn any markteing
materials I have ever read, purchased, etc.

Just last week, a major overhaul of the entire site was
announced, so I'm going to subscribe as well, though I have been
around a while as an Excel Rep, but we are on 'net time here, and
it's very hard work keeping up, but we all do our best, ya know?
I thiknk this site will be of immense help in keeping up.

Or you simply forget or overlook the cheapest and easiest ways to
get more people actually looking over your site, not just "hits".
The heck with hits. What we all want are visitors, and hopefully
we can make them feel at home, and help them out as well.

I see this is the intent of your site, and I like that,so I'll be
back. But, try this, just join as a free associate(I don't make
anything off that, and very little off subs..i just really like
the site), so you'll get a look behind that "curtain", and that
should let you know if it's something you feel would be of
benefit to your users. You'd be joining under me, so I won't be
offended if you immediately drop back out, but i think you will
enjoy it actually, might even come up with some cool stuff you
can use.

Thanks, Leigh

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