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Re: Please! Site review for this newbie
From Inachu on 18 August '00
replying to Please! Site review for this newbie posted by Tracey

I love musical instruments!

Shiny brass! with your black motif background is cool but the image needs some kind of border. Not that it really needs one but that I
personally never liked for example his tux is the same color black as
the background I think they call that bleeding in the art world.

I like the table and everythings cool but the "welcome to..."
is used so often! or at least to use XARA3D to turn the
welcome text color into brass or somehting cool like that.

So I think black white and brass and a big

So far black and white and brass coloring is a big winner for me.

You did better than my first try!

Remember to stay away from frames!


>This total newbie would sincerely appreciate any time, help and suggestions you can give me on this website. After months of reading this message board and attempting to follow the suggestions found here and on suggested sites (albeit, becoming totally lost at different stages), I have - at last - what looks like a website.
>Would you please check out:
>page titles, keywords, meta tags, etc. and let me know if I have done it properly for the search engines listings? Any other feedback on the site would be ever so welcome!!!!!!!!
>This is my husbands site and is geared to a VERY specific audience...
>horn & brass players, horn & brass ensembles, horn & brass societies and college/university level schools of music. It's objective is to: 1. sell David's compositions; 2. provide an informative/entertaining site for hornplayers. There's much more to add to the page, but I need to know if I'm on the right track.
>The site was created using a PowerMacG3 (beige) and Netscape Composer v. 4.7.
>Thank you and I anxiously await your response,
>Tracey Downes-Baptist

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