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Re: Feedback on Webzine concept
From Dale on 22 Nov '01
replying to Feedback on Webzine concept posted by Dwij

The page looks good with IE, Netscape and Opera at both 800x600
and higher resolutions. The text seemed blurry not only on the
main page but the linked pages also, I would try to sharpen them
up. Also add this to the top of your script on the main page..All

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

That was the 1st error Validators found other then that a few
ALT= tags missed, and its close to being W3C certified. Couple
other suggestions, thier is a script to get rid of the box around
the clicked link in IE. Good stuff and Good Luck.

>I've created an online magazine and request feedback on it. I'm
>new to computers and spent over a year teaching myself
>dreamweaver3 so that I could put this idea together. Over 7,000
>folks sign on monthly although I've not marketed and now want to
>become listed with different browsers. Appreciate the help and
>suggestions. I appreciate this technlogy however my first love
>is inventing and learning to play a 23 string guitar. Dwij

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