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Re: Master Spas web site
From Andrew on 28 Nov '01
replying to Re: Master Spas web site posted by Dan

Have you read this ENTIRE site? If you have, I'd recommend
reading it again. You say your listings are "fairly
significatly". If you can make it onto the fist page of results
for a few search terms on all the search engines that should be
all you need. People shopping for a spa on the internet spend
hours and HOURS recearching. There aren't any impulse buyers on
the net that are going to spend $5k+ for a spa. Content and
information is much more important than being #1 in the SE's
(besides, Hot Springs has an annual internet marketing budget of
over $5 mil, Sundance and Jacuzzi are probably over $1 mil).

I'd put more effort into figuring out what type of information
people want from a web site, how to present the information so
thats it's finbable and understandable. Internet marketing is
totally different than any other medium. If you can master it,
you can't lose.

I'd also sugest another supplier for your spa covers :-), but
that's a whole nother conversation.

Again, read this entire site. Although some of the info is a
little old, most of it is still very valid, and the therory
behind it is excelant. Following the guidlines on this site
should get you to the first page of most all of the SE's. That
should be enough to get anyone recearching spas to your site.
From there, it's all a matter of content and how it's presented.

>>Can I ask, are you with Master Spas or Lassiter Advertising?
>In answer to your question, I am with Master Spas.

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