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Almost forgot
From Andrew on 28 Nov '01
replying to Re: Master Spas web site posted by Andrew

you have that wonderful page "False Web Site Spa Ratings".....
yet you post "awards" you have from 3 other sites who's ratings
are just as false. any somewhat savy web surfer will nail your
"you know what" to the wall on this one.

>Have you read this ENTIRE site? If you have, I'd recommend
>reading it again. You say your listings are "fairly
>significatly". If you can make it onto the fist page of results
>for a few search terms on all the search engines that should be
>all you need. People shopping for a spa on the internet spend
>hours and HOURS recearching. There aren't any impulse buyers on
>the net that are going to spend $5k+ for a spa. Content and
>information is much more important than being #1 in the SE's
>(besides, Hot Springs has an annual internet marketing budget of
>over $5 mil, Sundance and Jacuzzi are probably over $1 mil).
>I'd put more effort into figuring out what type of information
>people want from a web site, how to present the information so
>thats it's finbable and understandable. Internet marketing is
>totally different than any other medium. If you can master it,
>you can't lose.
>I'd also sugest another supplier for your spa covers :-), but
>that's a whole nother conversation.
>Again, read this entire site. Although some of the info is a
>little old, most of it is still very valid, and the therory
>behind it is excelant. Following the guidlines on this site
>should get you to the first page of most all of the SE's. That
>should be enough to get anyone recearching spas to your site.
>From there, it's all a matter of content and how it's presented.
>>>Can I ask, are you with Master Spas or Lassiter Advertising?
>>In answer to your question, I am with Master Spas.

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