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Web site monitoring, problems with Google
From Lucas Adamski at Web site monitoring by Manage Worldwide on 3 Dec '01
Hello all!

After much work, we've just recently launched a small business
aimed at the <a href="">web site
monitoring</a> business. Our goal is to provide cost-effective
web site monitoring solutions for small to medium sized
businesses, without the usual "dumbing-down" in terms of
functionality and support that tends to come with solutions aimed
at the small business market.

I think we've done a good job for a first release, but as always
there is lots of room for improvement. One primary concern right
now is that our ranking on Google is very low (ranked 60-some
when searching for web site monitoring related pages). PageRank
for the front page is currently "0". I'm not sure why, as I
think we followed all of the common rules (do's, do-not's) for
page design in regard to search engines.

We've provided a free trial option so you can sign up for the
actual live service and play with it to your hearts content. Is
this a service you would use? Do you see room for improvement? Or
are we completely off the deep end here? All comments and
suggestions are welcome, I'm available through this forum, or via

Anyway, please check it out at,
and let me know what you think! Sincerely,

President - Manage Worldwide, Inc.

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