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Re: redesigned site
From Dale on 18 Dec '01
replying to redesigned site posted by pete

Some of the text is a little hard to read, the date esp.blurry
and small, I might try to see how it would look with black text,
the free

offer - regular "L" but funny looking, I would have no idea what
that would be worth in Canadian or US funds. Other then that
navigation is good as well as the layout. Just one other point
you top line in your scripts should be,


The way your is now, validators don't recognise the HTML version,
Beef-up your meta-tags, you can have up to 250 words, but don't
repeat the same word more then twice, search engines wil look at
it as Spam and it also good to have keywords that can also be
found on the page of the script, so each page can have the normal
and addition keywords found on the new page. Good Luck with your

>New re designed website. any comments would be appreciated
>Thanks in advance

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