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Yahoo web building
From Judy at Baby I'm Yours on 26 Dec '01
Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with building a website
through Yahoo, Stores? I recently built a children's clothing
website through them and am not sure if I put my meta tags, etc.
in the right area. I only get a generic answer from them when I
ask. Does anyone know anything about these stores? I am not
actually a live store with them at the moment but do have a url
which is submitted to Alta Vista. I thought I better get advice
before I go any further with submissions. You come highly
recommended from a friend you helped back in October.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is my second
website, the first being built in frames with CF and I was told
that it was not search engine friendly and that is why I never
got any ranking what so ever. Thanks so much in advance!

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