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Re: Yahoo web building
From Dale on 27 Dec '01
replying to Yahoo web building posted by Judy

The top line in your code should be,all in CAPS
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

You coding was very hard to read, hope you didnt pay to have this
done for has many HTML error's one example,

Line 1, character 2992:
... ial Dresses and Baby Gifts.<p>We don't want you to miss any ...

Error: element P not allowed here; possible cause is an inline
element containing a block-level element

And very many Alt Tags missing.

I would run your code though and HTML will point
out the errors and give you the fixes.

And yes repeating a Meta word more then twice will be considered
spam by the spiders.

One other suggestion, the text in your left menu is kinda of
small, I found it eye straining to read...if you get alot of
"Grandma's" surfing for goodies on your site I think they will
even have a harder time in reading the Text. Good Luck with your

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