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Re: Requesting Site Review
From Dale on 19 Feb '02
replying to Requesting Site Review posted by Kelly

>Hi all!
>We've recently finished creating a web site that offers a site
>referral tool. I think it's pretty straight-forward, but I'd
>like to get some of your opinions on it if possible. So...if any
>of you have a few moments to spare, a site review would be
>greatly appreciated!
>We've set up a test account that you can "play" with to see the
>Username: test
>Password: test
>Thanks in advance!!

The site looks good, it was a little slow loading even with cable
connection, I had trouble reading the line below your Tools logo
(by ?)You might want to run your code though an HTML validator
thier is actually a great number of scripting errors that can be
fixed up.

Also JavaScript password scripts provide only a facade of
security. At a fundamental level, they work in one of two ways.
Some scripts convert the password into a URL, which keeps the
document secret by limiting the number of people who know its
URL. Some scripts check the password and then go to a specific
URL, which protects the document only from those who don't view
the JavaScript source to get the URL of the document. Neither
mechanism is really secure.

Good Luck with your site!!

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