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Re: Any Luck
From Ruven Zonenberg at Make Money From eBook That You Didn't Write! on 25 Feb '02
replying to Any Luck posted by Donnie

>I started a New Website about a month ago. It is
>, I use the site to sell ebooks for people who
>promote their own websites. The ebooks give good references to
>other sites. I'm getting great traffic, what does it take to
>sell the ebooks. I've only made about $25.00 profit.

Donnie, ebooks are very popular, that is why you got such a great
traffic. But did you make a simple search before you started your
website a month ago?

I've visited your page and found all ebooks from the "Free to
Sell" site. They all good books but have one 'small defect' for a
reseller: everyone and his brother on the Net already know about
them, and who wanted to buy them - did it a long time ago (the
first version V3.01 of "The Ultimate eBook" was published in
February 2001).

Since that time thousands of people bought this package and
trying to resell it. Check, for example, a Google with keywords
"free to sell".

I've found more than 13.500 postings. That is why you made only
$25.00 profit.

I suggest you to add some good but not so well-known ebooks to
your package. You can buy resell rights for them very chip on the
Net, just make a search with a keyword "resell rights". Hope this
helps. Good luck.

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