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Re: Help I'm New to This
From Tooney on 5 March '02
replying to Help I'm New to This posted by Eric Christopher

>Hello. I am very new to this. I an trying to build a site to
>sell a product. I built this test site to try to see what looks
>good. Now I see code is important to. What do you think of
>layout ect. What web design programs do you recomend? Using
>Print shop pro right now. Any sugestions helpful. Thanks

Doug, I had a look at your site. I think your products are great
and I think something that would definitely sell. However, I
thought the font was attractive but hard to read. Think of your
site as a 30 second ad. Tell me and show me in 30 seconds (where
I don't have to read a lot) what you are selling. I would put
your products on the very first page. Just my humble opinion for
what it is worth.

P.S. Not too smart to slam someone that was trying to help you...
looks bad for your business in that it makes you appear hostile!

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