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From Inachu at on 24 May '02
replying to CLOAKING posted by Sarah Marie Klaren

This as you know is a redirect.

Cloaking in the form you ask entails that you have a cgi script
that would copy the contents of the desired url of your choice.

Have you read over some of the MATT SCRIPTS archives?

I suggest you do that first.


>I was wondering if there's some sort of META tag or code I can
>put in the HTML of my webpages to cloak it's URL. I have a
>registered domain, but the company I registered it with does not
>provide cloaking. So they have it redirect to my original free
>redirect url, which redirects to my site:
>RE-DIRECTS TO: (original
>redirect URL to my actual site which is...)
>Please help!! E-mailing me is preferred. Thanks.
>~Sarah Marie

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