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From Amy Shaw at Pie Face Blankies on 8 July '02
Hi, I'm hopelessly inexperienced with all things web-related, but
I have a site for my business that I did thru Bigstep that I'd
love everyone's feedback on. I was referred to you all by a
friend who said she got fabulous help -- Tabatha at My main problems are not giving enough
hits and sales (though the product is great and people really
love it!), being confused with "pie in the face" fetishists, and
low search engine rankings. I'm not sure if my search words are
right, not sure what meta tags are, and have $0 for promotions or
advertising efforts. The only thing missing from the site right
now is my shopping cart since the merchant account is due to go
through any day now, thru Card Service Intl. Looking forward to
any and all comments! Amy Shaw

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