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Re: I tried everything...HELP!
From Rob at The Weight Loss Zone! on 21 April '99
replying to Re: I tried everything...HELP! posted by bobking


The address is:

I thought that the URL was at the top of my message, sorry that I forgot to add it.



>You didn't list a website address so this is off the cuff. It would be
>much better if I could see your page and your source code, BUT, just from
>the questions you posted I bet I can tell you what's wrong.
>You mention meta tags, (as so many people do), meta tags ARE NOT the answer,
>content is. If weight loss is in your meta tags but your content is actually
>about something else, there is your problem.
>I can tell by your statement about Yahoo putting you in the "wrong"
>category that your problem lies in the fact that you are not trying to place
>under keywords that are actually ABOUT the content on your page. With
>Yahoo putting you in the weight loss business category, even without seeing your page,
>my guess is that your page is not about weight loss but about YOUR
>WEIGHT LOSS BUSINESS which is not the same thing.
>One of the hardest things to do is look at your page honestly. If you put weight loss in
>your meta keyword tag, then make sure your page is ABOUT weight loss and
>not about joining your mlm or buying your product. All search engines want relevant
>returns to a search query, and if I make a site about weight loss and you
>make a site about weight loss products, who do you think Alta Vista would
>prefer to have come up on top when someone types in "weight loss"?
>Stop worrying about your meta tags so much and focus on your content and then
>make your source code match the content and I can almost guarantee, you'll
>see a drastic improvement in your visibility.

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