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Re: Review?
From Nicholas on 3 August '02
replying to Review? posted by Dineen

Well, I moved merch through direct marketing before the Web, and
since the web. IMHO:

1. The site's superficially clean enough, but has a lot of
browser compatibility problems. You might want to check it on
several browsers, back to 3.0.

2. "Order Now". You're pushing too hard. You haven't developed
enough legitimacy in the customer's mind to be asking for an
order. You need subpages with more copy.

3. Too many shlocky services on the left sidebar. Anyone can
provide business cards. If you're claiming incorporation and
patent services, why tout lowgrade services like business cards?
That should just be "part of the [professional] package."

4. Dump this: "Everything will come in a 12x12x4 Plush Red Satin
Box with Kraft Interior." Yuck. "Kits" are traditional Americana,
and they still resonate well in the American mind. That's OK. But
show a picture of the goods, don't describe a velour box!

Frankly, from the copy, I suspect you're playing out of your
league at the moment. But hey, the "incorporate yourself"
business has been around for 30+ years -- I knew the founder --
and it's still growing. A lot of the players are perpetual
amateurs (I just fired one this week). If you can learn to
*competently* deliver all those services on time, you could be be

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