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Re: Review?
From Dineen on 8 August '02
replying to Re: Review? posted by Nicholas

Thank you for your comments! I agree on many points. My partner
is more of a marketing/sales person and she seems to make
everything sound like an infomercial!


>Well, I moved merch through direct marketing before the Web, and
>since the web. IMHO:
>1. The site's superficially clean enough, but has a lot of
>browser compatibility problems. You might want to check it on
>several browsers, back to 3.0.
>2. "Order Now". You're pushing too hard. You haven't developed
>enough legitimacy in the customer's mind to be asking for an
>order. You need subpages with more copy.
>3. Too many shlocky services on the left sidebar. Anyone can
>provide business cards. If you're claiming incorporation and
>patent services, why tout lowgrade services like business cards?
>That should just be "part of the [professional] package."
>4. Dump this: "Everything will come in a 12x12x4 Plush Red Satin
>Box with Kraft Interior." Yuck. "Kits" are traditional Americana,
>and they still resonate well in the American mind. That's OK. But
>show a picture of the goods, don't describe a velour box!
>Frankly, from the copy, I suspect you're playing out of your
>league at the moment. But hey, the "incorporate yourself"
>business has been around for 30+ years -- I knew the founder --
>and it's still growing. A lot of the players are perpetual
>amateurs (I just fired one this week). If you can learn to
>*competently* deliver all those services on time, you could be be

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