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Re: Color Scheme i.e More Sticky !!! Suggestions Needed.
From Glenn Page at Glenn Page: This marketing voice on 20 August '02
replying to Color Scheme i.e More Sticky !!! Suggestions Needed. posted by Ben

Ben: There are a couple of very nice resources out there that can
give you the input you are looking for. Here are the one's I use:

1. "Cool Web Design" Surf by and you will not believe it: These
guys scour the world looking for the best designs (HTML and
Flash) and then group them by category for you to review. FYI:
They a portal section that will be of most interest to you.

2. I recommend that you stop by a few of the "Site Critique" web
sites. My favorite is www. The idea of the site
is for members to review each other's sites. Here's the good
part: You can look at the sites based on how high they scored.
Since this is a popularity contest, you will get a fairly good
idea - if unscientific - of what design/colors web surfers find

My guess is that you will find what you need here. By the way, I
looked at your site and I don't think you have a color problem.
My guess is that people are hitting the home page and getting a
bit confused. You might want to try using color to graphically
separate the sidebars. Also, think about putting a "NEW HERE?"
link at the top with information on how to use the site so that
newbies can orient themselves.

Good luck

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