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Re: Need Help
From Inachu at Help Desk on 9 Sept '02
replying to Need Help posted by Terry L Johnson

Then let me tell you what I see whats wrong:

Theme: OK but kinda blahhhh is this webpage on prozac?
Frames: As with the old rules I still see that frames rank lower
than pages without. Start over without frames. Consider using
NetObjects Fusion( They have a free trial.

Here is my site that built with Netobjects 7.

Pictures: The pictures are like a quick how-to on using your
stickers. Because it is a step by step process why not animate

This way you will have more space for text to use as keywords.

Meta-Tags: Remember put the most important tags first and the
least last. Make sure your other frames do not have the same
keywords as your "applygra.htm" file or this will be considered

I just come back to the color grey..... Use some other color please...
This one puts me to sleep.
I would also consider using Xara webstyle 3(

>We need all around help.Our site ranks O.K. with search engines
>under streetgraphics. The problem is under key words that people
>would use to find our type of product we don't rank at all. We
>used frames to build the site. I am not a web master and don't
>know much about this subject. The boss is only interested in
>numbers. What will it cost to fix and what we could expect as far
>as results. We work the retail world ,I feel we are driving
>business to our competitor. Thanks Terry L. Johnson Sales V.P.

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