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From Ken at on 3 Oct '02
Maybe if I re-phrase my question this way:

On your websites; does your address end with ".com/"; or does it
go on to identify the folder name the website is contained in?
(Example: If it does end with just
".com/"; do you have a "re-direct" command (html or javescript)
in order to take the viewer to the ACTUAL website? The reason I
bring up AltaVista in the previous posts is because I paid form
inclusion there and they tell me I can't change my address for 6
months. So here is what I have so far on my short address:



<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-

<title>Tropical Art Paradise at The Painted Paradise Gallery</title>

<META NAME="description" content="Tropical Art Paradise by
KenMac at the Painted Paradise Gallery of Surf Art">

<META NAME="keywords" content="tropical paradise surf art free
clip art surf clipart surf board surfart surfer artwork surfing
paintings free tropical paradise wallpaper Hawaiian artwork
tropical surfing pictures surfers fantasy Hawaiian pictures
surfing gallery awesome waves perfect waves natural wavesl
country paintings majestic mountains quiet streams scriptural

<!-- Begin

// End -->


Now what I'm needing to know is HOW can I not use the java re-
direct command, and have my website come up after the user types
in without putting in the sub-directory
("/Surf_Art_Site")in the address? Am I making sense? I know this
sounds so lame. I should tell you I had a friend set up the re-
direct in the first place; but it was an "html" re-direct and
AltaVista will not allow it. The techs there advised me to
replace that command with the javascript command as seen above. I
put in the "title", "desciption", and "keywords" tags myself; but
as you can see; I have no text on the page because it really
isn't a page at all until it is re-directed to the actual site.
Whew! Now I'm really confused! Here are the directories that are
in my account at if that ell help. Thanks in advance!

Surf_Art_Site......(the folder containing my whole website)

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