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Re: Back to BASIC
From Andrew on 3 Oct '02
replying to Re: Back to BASIC posted by Ken


when you go to IT LOADS A PAGE!!!!! it
loads the page that has the javascript redirect on it. I believe
the page is index.html and resides in your top level folder (the
SAME folder that contains the subfolder "Surf_Art_Site">

servers are set up so that there is a DEFAULT page. that means
that if you go to it automatically loads
the page

if you go to it
will load

IF YOU FO TO it DOES take yo to
a page !!!!!!!! the page it TAKES YOU TO is is the page that you
have WRITTEN your javascript redirect onto

"If I could figure out how to FTP my pages to the host"

huh? how are you loading or changing pages currently?

>"I have no text on the page because it really
>>isn't a page at all until it is re-directed to the actual site."
>>WHY??????????????????????????????? MAKE IT A PAGE! PUT TEXT ON
>>IT! IT, should HAVE the text on IT that the page it's redirecting
>>to has.
>Well see? Thats where we have the problem.
> doesn't take you anywhere. If I delete
>the file that contains my website; it takes the pages with it. If
>I could figure out how to FTP my pages to the host; I wouldn't
>need the re-direct command. THAT is exactly what I'm trying to
>find out how to do. Thanks for the reply!

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