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Re: Back to BASIC
From Ken on 3 Oct '02
replying to Re: Back to BASIC posted by Andrew

>when you go to IT LOADS A PAGE!!!!! it
>loads the page that has the javascript redirect on it. I believe
>the page is index.html and resides in your top level folder (the
>SAME folder that contains the subfolder "Surf_Art_Site">
>servers are set up so that there is a DEFAULT page. that means
>that if you go to it automatically loads
>the page
>if you go to it
>will load
>IF YOU FO TO it DOES take yo to
>a page !!!!!!!! the page it TAKES YOU TO is
> is the page that you
>have WRITTEN your javascript redirect onto
>"If I could figure out how to FTP my pages to the host"
>huh? how are you loading or changing pages currently?

Well actually it is taking me to the re-direct command which
ISN'T a page in my website; but IS a file in my directory
(because I HAD to have a re-direct) What would happen if I got
rid of this file? Would the "Surf_Art_Site/index" just
automatically load? If so; GREAT! Thats exactly what I want to
happen. That would solve the problem.

What I meant to say about FTPing my site to the HOST
( was that it wouldn't have to go into the
"Surf_Art_Site" directory which would also solve the problem
(Except I'm afraid to try either of these because I might screw
the whole thing up!) Thats why I'm asking before I actually try
it. Any ideas?

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