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Re: Back to BASIC
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 4 Oct '02
replying to Re: Back to BASIC posted by Andrew


Do you have FTP access to your website? If you do, you can do
the following.

Take everything out of your folder called "Surf Art Site" and put
them in the root of the site.

ONce that is done, you need to look at your site in a browser.
You will need to refresh/reload your browser on each page. See
if there are broken links.

For any broken links, you will need to open the page containing
broken links in "word pad" or a like text editor. Then you need
to find the link in the code and correct it.

I haven't looked at all your code to know how many broken links
you have or if there are any. If you want, I can walk you
through this via phone or AIM/ICQ or email.

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