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Re: Back to BASIC
From Ken on 4 Oct '02
replying to Re: Back to BASIC posted by Andrew

>"Well actually it is taking me to the re-direct command which
>ISN'T a page in my website; but IS a file in my directory"
>FINE..... I'll try to use YOUR words. It's a FILE. Can we call it
>a "text file"? please tell ne WHAT type of FLlE you would like to
>call it!
>IF, you open that "FILE" in a text editor, and replace EVERY word
>AND letter with EVERY WORD AND LETTER that's in your "FILE",
> you will wind up with your MAIN index page.
>look, if you don't understand this, you REALLY need to take a
>class in HTML and web building.

Thanks for the condescention. That "index" file in my directory
list was PUT there by ME so that I could forward the viewer to my
site. As I went to great lengths to explain; my web design
program was an entry level; do it all for you, program designed
to make life easier for the novice web designer. I NEVER wrote
one word of HTML to build my site. It was all "drag and drop".
When I registerd my domain name with, a friend of
mine set the whole thing up with a HUGE address; complete with
sub- directories. All of which were foriegn to me. At the time, I
had no "index" or "default" page. I had what was called "Page_1";
so that too was part of the address. My friend, who called
himself a pro, had no title tags, no description tags, no keyword
tags, or anything else in the "files". My website "pages" were no
problem to build, but getting them to the "host" was something
new for me; which I am now trying to learn. Attitude is not
helpful. I appreciate your advise; but you can keep your

My question from the start was "How can I lose the
'Surf_Art_Site' part of the address?" (Other than the re-direct)
If it's not possible; then just say so. At least then I'll know I
have to live with it; and I can go on to solving other problems
with the site.

This forum is open to novice designers; isn't it?

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