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Re: Back to BASIC
From Ken on 4 Oct '02
replying to Re: Back to BASIC posted by Andrew

>"That "index" file in my directory
>list was PUT there by ME so that I could forward the viewer to my
>that index page is suposed to BE your site. no forwarding required.
>"My question from the start was "How can I lose the
>'Surf_Art_Site' part of the address?" (Other than the re-direct)
>If it's not possible; then just say so."
>hope and I have been trying to "say so" in all our posts.
>"This forum is open to novice designers; isn't it?"
>Actually, this forum is suposed to be for issues reguarding
>search engine placement.
>Tell you what, what you have is easy to fix. I mean really easy.
>Interested in a trade? Besides "fixing" it, I can also correct
>the obvious "technical" problems you have that will lower your
>search engine placement.
>*Let me know if I'm out of line here Jim........... though I
>would think deletion of this post would be "enough said"*

Sorry; I admit I'm getting way off topic here; I forgot this was
the "promotion" thread. You guys have been great about helping me
out; but like you said; I should take some classes. I'm seeing
that I'm starting to get on your nerves.

Me too! This is stressing me out because I KNOW this is a simple
fix for somebody who understands what my problem is and is
knowledgable about these things. What I need I guess is to have
someone sit down next to me and show it visually. Once I see how
it's done; then I'll understand.

I figure 10 minutes tops. I've been tinkering around on the host
site with the file manager and can see what each file contains; I
just don't know what to call them! Believe me; it's frustrating
when you don't know the lingo. Thanks guys for your patience; but
I don't want to wear on your nerves any more. I realize I'm dense
concerning this; and I do beat myself up for it; but I'm about at
my wits end with feeling dumb. I'm an artist; not a website
professional. I just don't get it. Thanks anyway. Please forgive
my attitude in the earlier post.

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