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Benifits of registering with yahoo
From Alan Pouton at on 12 Oct '02
I am trying to promote an already successful and well made site
relying so far on recommendation. I believe the best step forward
is getting registered on the yahoo search engine.

1) Is the fee to be considered by yahoo an absolute one off 199
or are there any other costs for any other reasons at any other
time associated with yahoo?

2) To study the success of registering with yahoo, i dont want
the URL on yahoo to be the main home page. Would this be a
problem? The page I want on the search engine offers a free week
of our service which isnt accessible via a link anywhere else on
the site.

3) How can I convince the others that registering will definitely
be a profitable move? Do people have any hard statistics about
increased traffic AND profits to totally justify the initial
expense of registering?

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