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Re: Advice Appreciated
From Nicholas on 10 April '03
replying to Advice Appreciated posted by Stephen

>Hello. new to website. have a software package (opus pro XE) that
>publishes to web so desigened a web site,,
>which is up and running.
>The site is a flash file - does this allow search engine
>promotion or is this type of site handy-capped in ways. I,d love
>to sell a few t-shirts to pay my university fees (maybe have a
>meal EVERY day) and am becoming desperate to increase traffic.

I haven't heard of any search engine indexing a pure Flash site....
Certainly your site isn't on Google, and if it were done in HTML
it probably would be, since I found a couple of links pointing to

I don't have much cause to use anything but search-engine-
friendly HTML, so I can't say with certainty, but my guess is
that until your pages contain HTML text, you will be a bug off-

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