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Re: Why did Yahoo Block my e mail access?
From grammie@sbcglobalnet on 2 August '03
replying to Re: Why did Yahoo Block my e mail access? posted by John

>>One day, I got this message, 'Chidren under 13 need their parent's avail, etc...". My access to my own e mail account was blocked, and the only way to unblock it was to give my credit card number !!!
>>Any solutions, anybody?
>Yeah. You and Andrew need to get a life! You certainly carry on like you're under 13. If you filled out the Yahoo application for an email account properly to begin with (your correct year of birth), you wouldn't be whining like a 3 year old.

yahoo is blocking my e-mail I am well over the age of 13, my e-
mail comes from netscape.

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