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Re: domain names
From Afer on 4 August '03
replying to domain names posted by peter rotgers

What kind of psycho sells foreign brides. Get a life. Jeez.

>We have the following problem:
>We want to re-name our business. There are 2 names that we are
>interested in:
>- a foreign bride
>- foreign brides
>Unfortunately these domain names (.com) are not available.
>What must we do??
>Is it important thet the domain name is exactly the same as the
>business name?
>Perhaps we could register a-foreign-bride . Is this worse than
>aforeinbride ? Why?
>We could add one or more words, like aforeignbrideagency or even
>internationalmarriageagencyafroreignbride (=bit long, but good
>What is the wisest thing to do?
>Thanks in advance.
>Kind regards,
>Peter Rotgers

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