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Re: domain names
From Inachu on 11 August '03
replying to domain names posted by peter rotgers

If this is your business name and it resides in America then you
runa good chance of getting the .com site under your control if
you cna prove they are cyber squatting.....


>We have the following problem:
>We want to re-name our business. There are 2 names that we are
>interested in:
>- a foreign bride
>- foreign brides
>Unfortunately these domain names (.com) are not available.
>What must we do??
>Is it important thet the domain name is exactly the same as the
>business name?
>Perhaps we could register a-foreign-bride . Is this worse than
>aforeinbride ? Why?
>We could add one or more words, like aforeignbrideagency or even
>internationalmarriageagencyafroreignbride (=bit long, but good
>What is the wisest thing to do?
>Thanks in advance.
>Kind regards,
>Peter Rotgers

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