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Re: domain names
From Andrew at Abracadabra Hot Tub Covers and Spa Covers on 11 August '03
replying to Re: domain names posted by peter rotgers

Rather rude, eh Peter? Actually "mail order brides" have been
around for close to 75 years. The idea is basically the same as a
dating service. Now personally the idea of a mail order bride
doesn't apeal to me, but I actually have a customer who MARRIED
one, 7 years ago, and BOTH are very happy.

So Mr. Rotgers, perhaps it is you needing a life? Perhaps a wife
can give you one? Perhaps, for whatever reason, you're unable to
meet one on your own? There are match makers, there are dating
services, and if your intent is on marrage, there are "mail
order" brides available. And now, all of these can be found on
the internet.

(p.s. I am in no way associated with the original poster......
just bored tonight, and tired of looking at this unanswered rude
post :-)

Cheers Jim

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