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Re: Promoting my cross st itch site
From Louise at sample web sites on 16 Feb '04
replying to Re: Promoting my cross st itch site posted by Hope

I have one question about what you said about the site looks
like it was a home business. I am not sure if you meant the look
of my site was homish or was how I put it together what made it
look like a home buisness. Should I find a different look all
together or just tighten up the loose end on what I have already?

I had been think that the site's looked was not right myself but
I thought I was just bored with it. my home page link is to a
temp page I made with a couple of images of site I like the look
of. If would you please take a look and give your opinion that
would be so great. I put them in the order of what I like. But I
want my customers to like my site and feel at home with a
business they want to do business with. Thanks again for your
help again.

>I have taken a look at your site. Part of the problem is your
>meta tags are out of line. Less is more then it comes to meta
>tags. The only meta tags you need are robots, description and
>keyword. Your keyword tag is extremely spammy and will hurt you
>rather than help you.
>You need more text on your pages. If you want people to find you,
>you need to tell them what you have to offer. Your meta tags
>cannot do this for you. Your website copy has to. Each of your
>patterns need to have a description.
>From a design point of view, your site looks like a home
>business. This causes people to be less likely to purchase for
>fear of being scammed. Your font size is too large. You should
>try a smaller font size, use less yellow for highlighting, choose
>a lighter color backgroung for easier reading.

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