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Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site
From janny morris on 23 March '04
replying to Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site posted by janny morris

>>>>Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, good and bad. Thanks
>>>I like your product. Now the bad; your meta tags are wrong. Remove the commas from the description tag. The keyword tag needs to be reworked, concentrate more on words or specific phrase rather than weird phrases, don't repeat a word more than 3 times "WE". Your title is too long.
>>>Most important, DITCH THE BACKGROUND. I know you like it and I know you worked hard on it. But, it makes the text very hard to read and looks very unprofessional. Try leaving the background white. Yes its a little boring but what are you trying to sell web design or fake teeth. You should not have anything on your page which makes it distracting for the user to buy teeth.
>>Thanks for the critique. I agree with you concerning the background, it doesn't work as long as there is ANY type on it and it is distracting. I will also take your advice about the META tags and keywords, this is relatively new to me (I've been online for about a month). If you pay for postage (about 4 bucks) I'll send you a free set of teeth for your helpful input; let me know at
>>Regards, Thad
>I LOVE your Hollywood teeth as i help domestic violence m/f at my
>own cost, to help their appearance, to help give them some good
>self-esteem after teeth have been knocked out. I think i will
>have a lifelong vocation as long as you keep making the teeth. I
>faxed an order form on 12/18/02 and have not sent a check as yet
>because i have not heard from you........hope i am not just
>impatient. Thank you for all that you do.......I like your
>website and think you are doing a great service for all mankind.
>You are making a difference in the world we live in.

Thad, can you make lowers to go with your hollywood teeth?
Many of my clients at the shelter have lots of teeth missing on
uppers and lowers and and using two uppers looks weird - when
they need to get out on their own and go job hunting it does not
help!! also someone named Dr. Bukk makes fake dentures- much
like your fake hollywoods'- could you make fake dentures also-you
know- to fit receded gums that cannot hold dentures?? please read
his website and tell me if you can do the same only in your own
style? we want to do business with you. We would need small
lowers. Thank you,janny morris

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