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Site getting Spidered but not Indexed
From Brian at on 21 April '04

I'm curious if any of you guys here would be able to find a
reason why my site is not getting indexed in the major search
engines. It gets spidered very often and seem to have the right
META data and robots.txt, but aside from the index.php page
nothing else is getting listed.

I've been keeping a very close eye on it and while the index
page listing gets updated, spidered, and listed, the others do
not. Could it be the directory structure of the website? I
checked the access rights, they seem to be fine.

Sort of stumped. I keep telling myself that it just takes a
while to get listed, but it's been almost 2 months, maybe more,
since my initial spidering and what really gets me is they keep
updating the index.php listing. I've submitted pages seperately
to engines and have been spidered (I'm assuming) via links.

Any suggestions?


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