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Re: Site getting Spidered but not Indexed
From Brian on 22 April '04
replying to Re: Site getting Spidered but not Indexed posted by Hope

>> I've been keeping a very close eye on it and while the index
>>page listing gets updated, spidered, and listed, the others do
>>not. Could it be the directory structure of the website?
>There is nothing wrong with the directory structure of the site.
>>Sort of stumped. I keep telling myself that it just takes a
>>while to get listed, but it's been almost 2 months, maybe more,
>>since my initial spidering and what really gets me is they keep
>>updating the index.php listing.
>This is normal. Right now it is taking longer to get listed in
>the search engines. It is not your site, it is all sites. You are
>lucky to have the one page there right now. It can take 3-6
>months for a deep crawl and then indexing. Don't panic.
>>I've submitted pages seperately to engines and have been spidered (I'm assuming) via links.
>You don't know what pages have been spidered or your don't know
>if the spiders are crawling your entire site? There is a
>Right now Google is showing no inbound links to your site. That
>is a major problem. You need to get people to link to you. If you
>are having problems getting inbound links, I would suggest you
>make a background to match your smiley face screensaver. Give
>away the background. Submit to free sites. They will often link
>for that kind of stuff. It is a great way to get a bunch of links


Thanks a bunch for the reply. You're probably right about
whether or not the entire site has been spidered. I believe I
have a few links from, zdnet, and other various
download sites; however, these link directly to the screensaver
or to our main page, perhaps thats why it got indexed.

I do have a background that goes with the smiley screensaver.
It's on the site, but I haven't thought of submitting it to free
sites for a link; I'll definately consider it.

Thanks for the help,


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