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Re: Site getting Spidered but not Indexed
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 23 April '04
replying to Re: Site getting Spidered but not Indexed posted by Brian

>Thanks a bunch for the reply. You're probably right about
>whether or not the entire site has been spidered. I believe I
>have a few links from, zdnet, and other various
>download sites; however, these link directly to the screensaver
>or to our main page, perhaps thats why it got indexed.
>I do have a background that goes with the smiley screensaver.
>It's on the site, but I haven't thought of submitting it to free
>sites for a link; I'll definately consider it.
>Thanks for the help,

I didn't see any backwards links, but that doesn't mean you don't
have any. It just means Google isn't showing them. You want as
many as you can get. It will bring traffic and help your

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