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Re: Only listed sometimes on Yahoo
From Scott Kahn on 9 Dec '04
replying to Re: Only listed sometimes on Yahoo posted by inachu

>Seems to me the pag is way too big.
>Cut the size in half or use href point to different points on the
>page instead of endless scrolling.
>>Why would my site be listed only sometimes on Yahoo?
>>My site may or may not be listed daily on Yahoo for any period of
>>It could be on for 2 hours and off for 4 hours back on for 1 hour
>>off for 10 hours, on for 6 hours there really is no consistent
>>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>Scott Kahn

inachu, Thanks a lot for your concerned reply. I would hate to
change the site or cut it down I worked long and hard on creating
the site.

Is this really that uncommon? I have seen other sites that scroll

in similar length.
In 2 years I never had a problem on any search engine including
Yahoo the problem only occured on Yahoo within the last 3 months.
Due to the past history having no problems with the site listing,
I wonder if it could be something else causing the problem? Are
you sure that's what it is?

Could it be something else?

Thanks, Scott
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