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Re: Canadian Fleamarket
From brian at fleamarket on 14 May '05
replying to Re: Canadian Fleamarket posted by jwj

>As has been said here, you need to get to the point on the first page. First I learn that you sell "items". To tell us that these items are exotic and hard to find still doesn't tell us what the "items" are. Finally seeing a list of products, to find "teen girls" among them was confusing. Made me think we'd been lured to something sinister or at least in poor taste.
>If you consider it a fleamarket, call it that. I don't see that word anywhere I looked.
>Also, first page: best to have *one* logo, one or zero mentions of "welcome to" and no scrolling information.
>Redo your description line to say what it is you sell or give at least a hint. If your inventory is too big to say what you sell, say, "quality, low cost items such as..." examples, even pictures, and say "hundreds of other items" or something.

thanks changed it a lot since then

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