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Creating a dynamic return address
From Francesco at OPTiNET on 17 August '05
Hi there,

I have added your "tell-a-friend" refferal code to this program
page here ...
bin/clickthru.cgi?id=opti - let me use an actual URL to make a

It's the "id=whatever" part which I would like dynamically
created so it will send out invitations to a specific affiliate
URL. Right now it's hard coded.

There is this script here ...

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1"

It shows the affilate ID but what ever I tried to concatinate it
at the end of "
bin/clickthru.cgi?id=" didn't work to the extent that it could be
made into a usable, clickable, dynamic return address for the
"tell-a-friend" part.

Any ideas? Looking forward to your nifty suggestions ...

Many thanks in advance!


PS: You may notice, I have also added a well placed partner link
to your top quality web site.

PPS: You may like to review your comments regarding online
payment systems and offer to pay out any commissions in more ways
now! i.e.


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