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How to Make Money from Pay Per click?
From Articleboom at Articleboom:Business on 4 Oct '05
How to Make Money from Pay Per click?

If you hold a website, you may be probably looking for the number
of ways to increase the income from it. You might also have
thought about trying to use Pay Per Click to your advantage. But
did you know that there is more than one way to do this?

Following are the three ways to earn money by using Pay Per Click

1. Place Pay Per Click Ads - This method of using PPC is widely
used. You can put your ads on of the search engines and try to
create as much targeted traffic as you can, to your website, or
to a specific affiliate program. This can sometime generate a lot
of money but you also have to spend some, and continue spending,
in order for it to be effectual.

2. Run Pay Per Click Ads On Your Website - This has been made
effective by Goggle with their Ad Sense program. If they
acknowledge your site, you'll be able to place Ad Word Ads into
your website pages. You can modify these by keyword so that they
match the content on your site. You can also filter out
competitors if you like.

thank you

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