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Re: Getting framed site prepped for SE's
From Robert McCulloch at rpm solutions on 10 Jan '06
replying to Re: Getting framed site prepped for SE's posted by Karen

You can submit all pages in a framed site to the search engines.
You just need to add a tiny chunk of code to each page to keep
them in the right place


//Break-out-of-frames script
//By JavaScript Kit (
//Over 400+ free scripts here!

//if not in frames
if (parent.frames.length==0)
//CHANGE "index.htm" to the URL of your main frame page

There is some code that will do it. There are several scripts
that do this. This is a real simple one. There are much more
complex ones that do a lot more than this one.

Hope it helps someone. It has been a big help for me! The search
engines will most likely find the other framed pages in time and
they tend to get indexed as well. Might as well take the traffic
they generate and put in into the right frame...


robert mcculloch

>>>This message board is a great service and I thank all in advance.
>>>My fragrance store will go live in a day or two. It's a framed site, and I am in the process of adding meta tags to it's 250+ pages.
>>>The alphabetical browse buttons take you to thumbnails of the fragrances in that category, which each lead to a product page.
>>>I have completed meta tags in the frameset and the thumbnail pages, and today will begin work on the individual product pages.
>>>I like and do not wish to abandon my frame design, yet I am aware of the challenges frames place on getting a decent search engine placement.
>>>I would appreciate anyone who could take a look at my frameset page and offer any critique or ideas to improve what I have there. I have used noframes tags including my primary keywords and links to my main pages for the robots to follow. I plan to individually register each of my product pages with the search engines, and include target="_top" links on them so anyone entering that way will be sent into my frames upon clicking a link.
>>>Am I on the right track? Thank you for any suggestions.
>>For a framed site you really only want the index page to get listed in the search engines right? You wouldn't want one of your interior pages like to get listed in an SE because of someone entered your site through that page they would have no way to get to the rest of your site.
>After I have completed the addition of meta tags and targeted links to the product level pages, there will be a way into the framed site.
>Please see or
>, those are the only ones I have the edited versions of uploaded. I do want to list them, because I think many shoppers will search by their favorite fragrance name, rather than just the word "fragrance", and these pages should have a very good relevancy ranking between their meta tags and the page content, enough so to overcome the disadvantages of the index.html page being a frameset. That's what I'm thinking. But that's also why I'm posting here, to get advice and opinions of those who know more than me. Thanks.

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