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Getting on search engines
From Grahame Beard at Counselin and therapy on line on 27 April '99
I would appreciate some help on how I can get my sites listed.
I am a counselor and set up a new web site at I submitted it to many search engines several weeks ago but never got a listing. I did at the time use Addweb to do the work for me. but had very little feedback except junk email.
I read that geocities could be a problem with certain engines so I opened another site at and submitted using Addweb again and also by manually submitting to the majors. Still no listing.
I managed to then get a domain name and set up a new site I then used my 2 other sites as 'feeder' sites to my new one. I submitted the sites once again using Addweb and manually to the majors but still no listing on any of my 3 sites.
I realise that some engines can take an age to get on, but I had hoped to be on at least Alta Vista by now.
Please can I have some advice? Are my pages wrong?
I can use all the help I can get!
Many thanks.
Grahame Beard.

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