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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
From Tracey on 19 August '00
replying to Re: Please! Site review for this newbie posted by Jeff

Jeff, Liliane, TJ, Inachu,

Thank you so much for your helpful, constructive and supportive reviews. Your criticisms are invaluable.

A couple of the things you pointed out (the "cheesy" bullets and brick wallpaper, Jeff) I had already noted and had just not changed yet. "Welcome to" I was unhappy with, but didn't know what to do instead. Thank you for your suggestions and pointers in the right direction. I needed an attitude adjustment on that one. Yes, I've been looking at too many home pages as, unfortunately, that is the category most of the horn sites fall in.....sigh.

I was totally oblivious to "copyright" instead of "last updated" and the viewing problem with the bios page, Liliane, totally escaped me. Thank you for that...and the solution. The bleeding of the tux into the background was so obvious....once you had pointed it out to me Inachu.*s* You are absolutely right!

And TJ, thanks for explaining and illustrating to me what the hell a template is! I've only been online less than 2 yrs. and this whole world is so new to me. I'm easily overwhelmed. I seem to have a decent intuitive grasp of things, but the technical terms etc. are over my head. I can't even figure out how to edit the html text in Composer!

The page has been online as I've worked on it for 3-4 months and there are a couple of obscure links to it. (We've even received 2 large orders! AMAZING!) But I haven't done any promoting or submitting to SE's. I discovered - quite by accident 2 days ago - that the site is listed in several of the search engines already. From that I could see the importance of the page title tags and the keywords (which pages were listed and where). Your input in that area will help me tremendously in correcting those.

Your input will make the work I still have to do so much easier! And there is alot of work still to do, so I had best shut up and get to it.

Thank you all,

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